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Mogul Academy

The Community

This community is for educators and parents that are in need of taking real-world experiences and making them relatable to young people to better prepare them for success, leadership, financial freedom and social engagement. This community is updated weekly with new material that features lesson plans, assessments, Focused Outlines and Supportive Materials. This is a new fundraiser initiative to help fund our classes. Thank You for your donation and willingness to help CHANGE THE FUTURE.

Our Mission

Mogul Academy is an individual and group learning experience that focuses on developing leaders with a heart for entrepreneurship. We utilize Flash Mentoring, STEM, and Financial Literacy to empower, engage and educate our youth holistically.

Our Founder

Jessica LaShawn is the Founder of Mogul Academy, an organization that assists underserved youth around the globe with specific interests in philanthropy and business The youth within her organization are taught vital skills within the entrepreneurship space and put them into action weekly. Jessica has over fifteen years of experience in television and media and serves as a digital content technologist.


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